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Three real-life men go on an epic road trip to elope to marry the woman they love. The film was banned by the Indian government and was replaced by Ali, the original English title of the movie, which was given an Indian release by Reliance Pictures. Mai Baap Re Baap (2013) Mai Baap Re Baap was the second collaboration between Mohit Suri and Kunal Khemu. The film was released in India on 11 October 2013. A look at the early years of a couple, when they get married. It revolves around the childless Nandini and her husband Jayant, who lives in his father-in-law's house and works as an insurance broker. Nandini wants children, but is then diagnosed with infertility. After the couple marries, Jayant's brother Dheeraj and his wife Gayatri approach Nandini with a marriage proposal for Dheeraj and Gayatri. Nandini accepts their proposal and Dheeraj then breaks all ties with Jayant. After the break-up, Jayant spends time with his son, Raj, while Nandini and Dheeraj get married. It was released in India on 25 October 2013. Shobhaa De India (2014) Mohit Suri's third film, Shobhaa De India, was released in India on 20 October 2014. It revolves around Shobhaa De, an Indian model turned TV presenter. De, who lives with her estranged husband (Nandini Arora), has a son, Sameer (Kunal Khemu) who is studying in Pune and often visits her house. While Sameer's mother wants him to get a job, Shobhaa De is more liberal towards her son. De makes frequent trips to the US, and in a few months, Sameer also leaves Pune and moves to the US. After De returns from the US, she finds out that she has been cheated and is cheated on by her husband, though Sameer comes back soon after. After a few months, Sameer returns, Nandini and Sameer's father get a new house, and Nandini and Sameer start living together again. De finds out that Sameer is moving back to Pune and she tries to convince him to come back to Pune. After a month, Sameer returns to Pune and Nandini and Sameer and De start a happy family



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HD Online Player (kalyug Movie Download 720p Kickass T) haylnis

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